News from SIG SAUER [vol. 7 no. 14 – 2019]

Sig Sauer is on a very good way to become one the biggest corporations in the world of small guns, ammunition, optics and accessories.

It is well known that SIG SAUER won the tender to deliver the new US Army pistol.

It looks like SIG SAUER continues to expand from its original role of rifle and pistol producer to a player covering all niches.

We will take them one by one.


We have focused on the products that may be interesting for the Romanian market.

SIG SAUER has brought the all new P 220 X-Six PPC. The main difference to its sibling P 226 X-Six PPC (which we will test soon enough) is its single stack frame. The smaller circumference of its grip makes it easier to use by shooters with smaller hands.


SIG SAUER has on offer a quite wide range of optical and opto-electronical products.

This includes the KILO 2000 range finder as well as several red dots: Romeo 3 Reflex Sight and Romeo 4 Red Dot.

The range goes on to include de scopes. Here just an example.

This move is very interesting. Using its very well-known brand, SIG SAUER entered the optics market en-force.

People will not buy the products only for their brand.
Our impression is that the quality is good. The products can hold-up very well against mid-range (or even higher) products of the German optic producers.

We hope to have a chance to test the products soon and give you a live opinion.


SIG SAUER is well-known for its precision rifles for decades. At IWA 2018 they had on display, among others their Scharfschuetzengewehr (SSG) 3000 Super Target.

In service with several law enforcement agencies over the world, the rifle has proven itself.

We had the privilege to see it in action in the hands of some master shooters. It performs impressively. We only say that much: it can knock-down nails at 100 meters. By hitting them.


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