SHOOTERS magazine – VOL 4, ISSUE 1 – JANUARY 2016

The Spin Of The Wheel – part two: Which Side Does It Spin?

In the first part we have looked to the general features of the guns and have shared with you the first impressions.

This issue will be about technicalities.

I don’t know if this is on purpose, but the two rival products are very different in almost every technical detail:

a. The cylinder of the 686 spins from right to left. The one of the Python from left to right (as the indicators of an analogue watch). 

b. If one unscrews two screws on the right side of the 686, you loosen the cover that gives you access to the action. The access to Python’s action is (yes, you guessed correctly) on the left side of the gun.


c. This also influences the location of the cylinder pawl (i.e. the lug the moves vertically into the frame and cycles the cylinder): on the right side of the hammer for the 686 versus on the left side for the Python. The size and shape of the pawl are of course different. Surprisingly, the pawl moves about eight millimeters in both guns to rotate to the next bore – no difference here. This should not surprise too much at the end of the day, as the cylinders are similar in size, so the length of the move a 1/6 turn requires must be similar.

d. You have to push the release button to swing out the cylinder (and crane) on the 686. On the Python you have to pull it.

e. This also influences the way the cylinder locks in place: 686 the cylinder locks into the frame (i.e. the locking bolt protrudes into the frame. On the Python the locking bolt is in the frame and protrudes into the cylinder. 686 has also an additional locking on the front of the crane, where a ball-point (with a spring) keeps the crane it in place.


f. The claws on the ejector of the 686 have multiple forms: four are half-round and two are regular on shape. On the Python all six are regularly shaped.



g. You can only cock the 686 with the cylinder swung out only if you also push the release button. The Python can be cocked no matter-what. FOTO 4

h. The 686 can be locked. Yes, it has a key and one can lock it. Product liability rules in the US are visible in this respect. To lock the Python, one needs to lock it into the gun vault.

We plan to visit our favorite gun smith, Viorel Burghel, soon so as to peep into the actions. Will keep you posted.


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