I have visited recently one of the most experienced IRO and trainers in the region: Stefanos Chairopoulos. And used the opportunity to train with one of the best lady shooters in the Production division on the Balkans: Jelena Savkovic.

IPSC shooters in the Balkans know Stefanos: he often plays Range Master or CRO.

What many do not know is that Stefanos has built up a small shooting paradise: a 360 degrees safety angle 11 bays shooting range. The back-stop ranges from 12 to about 50 meters in height – so perfectly safe all way round.

The range can easily host a level three plus IPSC match (if he borrows a few bays from the neighbours even a level four is doable).

Little by little over the last decade, he has set-up this paradise with sun, fruit trees that spend a lot of natural shade (including the in Greece mandatory olive trees :-)) and tap water on each stage! This is one of the most hospitable range I have seen.

But what is technically outstanding is Stefanos’ knowledge about building moving targets.

If you are a bit (or more) afraid of moving targets, pay a visit to Stefanos: there is no moving target existing that he has not built and refined to perfection. There is a good chance that you get cured.

As one video says more than many words, I have posted below videos of four of Stefanos’ stages.


This is a perfect example of what one can do if one has a double headed swinger with a movable metal no shoot in front.

Opening the metal box (the gun is inside) activates all three moving targets.

Each moves differently though: either (a) the swinger moves and the no-shoot is stationary or (b) the other way round or (c) both are moving (to make it more juicy this swinger – the most difficult one to shoot – had mini targets). That coupled with four small metal targets and challenging shooting positions makes a challenging stage where a stage factor above 2 is a very good one. No extra shots is the name of the game.

Jelena is making a good run of this stage.


This stage was a good example of how important timing is. There were many ways to shoot it. My choice: only two shooting positions (one could see only one swinger at a time) with as little running as possible and take both shots at the swingers at the first chance. What came out was a 12 seconds stage with two charlies.


This is a good example of how important calculations are when shooting a stage.

Out of three targets on the swinger, the one to the right was not visible at rest = bonus.

Question was: is it worth speeding up shooting the two other targets so there is enough time left to shoot a double tap on the bonus?

Since wayting for a second swing would have taken 1.5 extra seconds, I have decided to shoot only the left and middle target on the first swing. What came out was a 3.7 seconds stage with a factor of almost 7. Not bad.


One had to run around 3 meters and step on an activator (that activates the swinger with moving no shoot) before inserting the magazine, loading and shooting.

The best run was 9 seconds here: big popper, swinger (with double tap on small targets in 15 meters only finger length away from the moving no-shoot), mini popper (activating the turner) and finishing with the mini popper far away.


The last two videos are about shooting mostly mini poppers in 20 meters on the move (U-shape: front-right-back) respectively with strong (=right) hand. ENJOY!


Sebastian Gutiu


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