Ever been to Russia? If not, you should. It is a special experience.

And if you happen to be an IPSC shooter set your visit period for summer and include Ekaterinburg in your visit. More specifically register for and shoot the Eurasia Extreme.

Why the name: because the limit between Europe and Asia passes nearby Ekaterinburg. You can notice the city is a gate between the two continents.  

Surrounded by millions of hectars of forest, you notice space is not an issue: everything is large. Constructions, roads, parks.

And then there is the passion for shooting of the people at Archangel Michael’s club. The people around Igor Altuschkin have achieved amazing things.

First, they have constructed the most amazing IPSC shooting range we have seen.  Brand new facilities that can easily host an European Championship, if not even a World shoot. Perfectly clean, with excellent facilities and ammenities with good insulation and cover. Sun or rain are not an issue.


Open shooters: this was the first match I have ever seen where there was no need to wear a cover for the gun. The range is located in the middle of the forest, so you don’t feel the temperature, although it’s mid July.

Second, their welcoming and treatment of shooters is unprecented. Free water and coffee at every stage and free snacks at no more 30 meters away from any stage.

Third, the team around Lubor Novak, the organizer of Extreme Euro has set up the stages, so they have been challenging and interesting.

I was lucky enough to be in the same squad with three of the top six shooters of the production division. Enjoy a few movies below. This is IPSC shooting at very high level.

And the cherry on the pie was the visit to the indoor shooting range and gun museum.  The range (60*25 meters) is great.

It allows setting up to six fully fledged IPSC stages. Bullet traps allow perfectly safe 180 degrees shooting.

These great facilities allow training during the long months of Russian winter.

And the sweetest comes at the end: the facility hosts the largest gun collection in Europe: over 2000 firearms. Not just any guns: collection includes very special and very rare weapons. One could spend a week and not get enough.

If you ever thought about having a reason to visit Russia and going to Ekaterinburg, now you have the perfect one!


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