Ceska Zbrojovka invited Shooters and around 40 other gun journalists around the world to an international press event.


The event has started with a visit to the main CZ factory in Uhersky Brod (there are others: two in the usa, one in Brno and two technology transfer sites in Slovakia and Peru). The factory is located on this site in Moravia, eastern Czechia, since 1936.

After the second world war CZ has produced mainly military weapons, but also for the civil-ian market. To name just a few: pistol Cz 83, assault rifle VZ 58 and the famous Scorpion sub-machine gun.

An important moment is 1974, when CZ 75, a milestone of the pistol history was developed.In Uhersky Brod we were presented the pistol with the serial number 0001.

While there were other DA/SA pistols before (Walther PP and P 38 etc) this was one on the very first pistols which really allowed placing the first shot in double action in a meaningful way. CZ has produced the legendary pistol 1.6 mio times since then.

CZ estimates that another 4 mio copies of CZ 75 have been built meanwhile by other gun producers. The production facilities are state of the art, allowing a very high out-put and a very flexible production.

CZ plans to produce 280000 weapons of all sorts 2016. The Uhersky Brod factory is producing around 1000 guns of all types per day! The guns and accesories produced are sold to more than 90 countries. 20 percent of production are not guns but items like aircraft engines and aircondition.

CZ takes care about the future as well: 250 students being trained in the factory. This education is partially funded by the state. The factory employs 1600 people and occupies a surface of around several dozens hectars.



1.1 Frame

For the all-metal pistols and revolvers the history of the frame or grip begins at the foundry. The frame is at first a wax model.

Carefully done mostly by female employees hand, it becomes the core of an alcaline mould.

After the mould sets in, it is put through an owen where the mould hardens and the wax is melted and poured out.

Moulds are built together in “trees” of 12 or sixteen pieces. These are brought to the fondry. And here happens the magic: masters of their trade melt steel until it is white and then cast it into the moulds. The view is great.

The process is very complex and the competence of cz people is so high and recognized in the branche that other gun producers cast their frames in the CZ fondry. This is also the way cz produces the small parts in the pistols: trigger, trigger bows, hammers, etc. CZ purchases the polymer grips (P 07 and P 09) from a supplier. Once it cools down, the frame is being brought to the cnc department.

Here, depending on the type of the pistol, the frame requires 20 to 40 minutes of work on sev-eral fully automated high capacity cnc machines.

All movements between the various cncs are done by robot.

Observing the various stages of evolution from a raw cast to a finished frame is amazing.

1.2 Slides

Slides are much faster to produce: depending on the model it takes 7 to 13 minutes to produce one. The slide is machined from a billet of czech made steel.

It takes a complex of 3 to 4 entirely automated cnc machines to produce a slide.

Movements from one cnc to the other are again done by robot.

TO BE Continued


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